New HCS Surf Rods Hit Waikiki Beach @ Night!

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New HCS Surf Rods Hit Waikiki Beach @ Night!

Postby Scuba Chris » Sun Jul 26, 2020 1:32 pm

Okuma's NEW Custom 13' & 14' Rods Before Hurricane Doug Hits!

Hurricane Doug is on the verge of hitting so i forced myself to get up at 3am to head out. I decided to use Okuma's NEW 13' Custom HCS Surf Rod with a Cedros 8K Spinner filled with 50lb Eminent Braid by Soft Steel. My other rig is also Okuma's NEW 14' Custom HCS Surf Rod with a Coronado CDX-65 Baitfeeder Spinning Reel Filled with 65lb Eminent Braid by Soft Steel as well. The day before i was also up at 3am to trench through soft sand that killed my legs. But i had to go because this fast moving hurricane might do some real damage.

I could tell the winds are picking up a bit. The sun was relentless, always before a hurricane. These 2 long distance rods are rated for 4.2-8.8oz. But i could cast both rigs using only 3oz lead bank from where i was standing, across the boat channel to the reef flats on the other side. Truly amazing rods! Even though both rods are rated XH i found the 13ft to be a bit "softer" while loading-up. Also when using 4-6oz i could really really man handle the 14ft easily.

For hours my baits were being pinched-off by crabs to smaller creatures nibbling it off. At daybreak i started to get numerous smaller strikes on a sandbar maybe 80-90yd away. If i dropped my baits around that mound. Nothing. But it seems that a school of small Jack Trevallys "Papios" were there. At times they were hitting my baits before it hit the bottom. After 7 or 8 strikes i decided to pack it up & walk to the inner lagoon to see what was happening there. For the past 2 weeks a school of young sardines mixed with scads were there.

It was a nice change. I threw my 13ft rig near them and rested under a tree having lunch. After an hour i packed it up & went home. I'm hoping the incoming hurricane won't be as bad as the reports suggest.
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