The Helios Spinner For Lefties!

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The Helios Spinner For Lefties!

Postby Scuba Chris » Sun Jul 12, 2020 1:33 am

Thanks To John Bretza Of Okuma For Helping Me To Relay This Information Correctly:)

For the past year i've had anglers message me asking why doesn't the Helios Spinning Reel switch to a left handed configuration. So i watch YouTube videos and read descriptions. A few reviews by large tackle distributors & iCast reviews by Staffers told me it can switch over. So a few months ago i requested my first Helios, the Helios SX HSX-40S High Speed model for whipping "spin casting". Since i'm right handed it never occurred to me to try to switch the reel to a left handed unit.

Then more questions arrived of the Helios not converting to a left handed mode. So i tried switching handles & i realized it wasn't switching. I contacted John Bretza of Okuma but he told me his unit went swimming without a wetsuit. So i furnished John with a quick video so he could view what i was trying to convey. After a confab with his engineers they relayed the correct procedure. From what i can tell this hasn't been visually demonstrated yet, until now.
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