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Greetings from Sarah Schumann!

I am looking for fishermen under the age of 35 from Maine to North Carolina to participate in an oral history interview project. Disclaimer: the project is commissioned by NOAA. But before you kick me off this group: I am a commercial fisherman (in Rhode Island and Alaska) who ALSO happens to do research, writing, and advocacy about the industry because I think it benefits us all. This project is a good one that helps support the next generation!

Now that I've got that out of the way, I am seeking YOUNG East Coast fishermen who would like to tell their stories for NOAA's Voices From the Fisheries oral history project. Stories will be transcribed and added to the oral history database, where they will be available to the public and will be analyzed to help policy makers and others understand what it takes for young people to succeed in this industry, against the odds (no negative comments, please... despite the well-known frustrations, there ARE young people making it and I want to hear from THEM).

This month, I'll be covering the area from North Carolina to New Jersey. Are you a fisherman under 35 in those states? If so,

Please PM me (on socialized media) Sarah Schumann or

Call me at (401)297-6273

I would LOVE to hear from you and schedule an interview! If you're over 35 and you know young fishermen to recommend, or you just want to grab a beer or coffee and chat, I'm up for that too :-) Plenty to time to fill while on the road. Get in touch!


Note: I like to pass along a few comments made by two well known commercial fishermen, and I do help this persuades those who meet the age criteria to contact Ms. Sarah Schumann..

Norbert Stamps:

I understand the sentiment given here. We all know the frustration of regulations. Part of me feels the same way. But I also have found that we have few options to deal with government, and public opinion. Research like this one Sarah Schumann is presently doing is one of them. Like it or not this is the process of government. Basically this is the game. Your choice to play or not. If you want to be a positive influence, this is one of the ways. And it's not just the results of the research, it will be how it is used.

Fishermen organization will have a responsibility to present the results, to make a point dealing with regulators. I encourage putting your best effort into this. This is not the first time for this kind of program. I remember getting interviews in the 70's and 90's. Many involved with NOAA believe we are the "last of the buffalo hunters." With no understanding of why we are fishermen.

This is a chance to tell them why we choose this rewarding lifestyle. Tell them your frustration on regulations that do nothing to protect the resource, and hurt you financially. Sarah and I have had many a conversation. She is a genuine person with nothing but good intentions. She knows I'm a skeptic. She also knows I'm not happy the industry is under pressure, from public opinion, as well as government. She also knows I'll put my best foot forward.

THANKS for considering my opinion.

Norbert Stamps:

All a result of the slippery slop of limited entry. Limited entry then catch limitations... Solve one problem create another.

What is the correct management tool to get ride of what has failed?. Not just the resource but the social ramifications. THE industry must present the solutions. Government has been proven, it is not capable of doing so.

Norbert Stamps:

Dave Marciano I wonder if we knew then what we know if it would have been different. Industry has been forced to be a lot more politically savvy and process aware than In the past.

Norbert Stamps TO Dave Marciano:

Yes it was politely called consolidation. Happened in lobster too in transfer ability and trap reductions. Changed the whole social dynamics. The fishing business will never be the same.

Todd Sutton:

Sarah don't let these pessimist get you down, move forward. I personally have always felt I would prefer to give my 2 cents then sit on the side line and piss and moan.

I have always loved the guys that never go to a meeting and just whine. (Usually the loudest)

Those who participate invoke change not those who sit on the side line. Most of this negativity is aimed at NOAA so don't take it personally.

Good Luck.

Once again, the contact information:

Sarah Schumann (401)297-6273

Email: schumannsarah@gmail.com

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