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Postby EC NEWELLMAN » Tue Jan 08, 2019 3:17 pm

As posted on socialized media early this afternoon in commenting to 'some' in the recreational angling peanut gallery....


It is always amusing to see those who believe they have an idea on what they are talking about when it comes to fishery issues. Let us start with striped bass.

The overall biomass may have trended downward, but what has been surveyed is that RECRUITMENT has been trending upward, both for the Chesapeake-MD and Hudson-Raritan striped bass (see YOY index). Essentially fishermen equate downward survey trends of overall biomass with the coming of the next ice age and dinosaurs once again going extinct.

One of the issues which has been an ongoing discussion over the years is with the "carrying capacity" within the river and bay eco-system. With the striped bass stock which is noted to be 'restored,' at times there is a point in nature where a stock plateaus in biomass and then may decline...as in this case or what we see with certain species with cycling up and then down over a time series.

With the rapid increase in the striped bass biomass in the 1990s, it has also been documented that it has had a negative impact on other stocks within that eco-system nursery areas, in particular with increased predation on juvenile weakfish and winter flounder.

The concerning issue with 'F' or harvest mortality is with the PRIVATE VESSEL mode and what they remove during the season, both legally and illegally. This is clearly seen even with the unstable and extremely variable gyrations with MRIP estimates that the PRIVATE VESSEL angler that has directly caused the decrease in striped bass in harvest...not the for-hire sector, nor the commercial sector.

It has come to our attention on some propaganda piece published in a regional fishing rag about the commercial fishing industry in NYS and their harvest and/or method of harvest using seine or gillnet gear. Maybe, just maybe they would of noted that the commercial fishing industry in NYS does not fill its striped quota anymore (come to a NYS MRAC meeting and hear John M. discuss this)...or call El Chiefo, J.M. and ask how may commercial striped bass tags are returned each season...or Carol Hoffman the marine biologist for striped bass at the DEC to explain this chart to you:

Young of Year Striped Bass Abundance NYSDEC young of year index (geometric mean number per haul, weeks 29-45) for striped bass collected in the Hudson River Estuary.

Now to the mention of YFT that someone brought up and why they are scarce here.

I was on the HMS as a proxy this past September in Silver Springs and the discussion on YFT and LF were gone over on the noticeable decrease of these tunas along our east coast. The issue has always been with the big three of unregulated, unenforced, un-monitored (few if any use VMS) wild west fishery conducted by a number of European, African and Asian foreign nations off the West Coast of Africa. This has been going on since the 1990s, and the American fishermen is paying in spades for the sins being committed by a number of nations on various tunas, swordfish, sharks and billfish (we should add marine mammals too). Unless you have sat in on these meetings and know this topic, I would highly advise to become more learned, then in exposing your ignorance here.

Finally to the question on why we do not see striped bass in the surf and along the shoreline is of course due to migratory movement in the spring and fall further offshore much in part due to water temperature and presence or lack of bait.

Bluefish have also exhibited a similar pattern, and it was particularly noted this season with the blues passing to and from our Hudson Canyon. Go and ask commercial fishermen who fish offshore, and they will tell you about the large schools of blues and striped bass that are 30, 40 and 50 miles from either the New Jersey and New York shoreline.


Oh, one last thing since we are digging through the regulatory dumpster...maybe the recreational sector should be in agreement on a 'coastwide measure' for striped bass from North Carolina to Maine with the daily possession of one striped bass. Why do I bring that up....and this was something brought up at the Commission meeting here in NYC a few months ago over the SB-BITZ and someone from NJ (initials T.F.) opening their pie-hole and making a non-sensical blovations - without having his facts straight on this particular limited fishery (yes I said it here!).

We here in NY have not forgotten, and if this individual is talking about conservation of striped bass, maybe he should first push for changes in his state to the private vessel mode/angler and support a daily one striped bass fish possession.

Good day.......


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