MAY 6, 2018 - CAPTAIN MONTY HAWKINS: Mini-Fish & Reef Report & Tog Trips Announced It's Showtime!! Reef Dinner!

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MAY 6, 2018 - CAPTAIN MONTY HAWKINS: Mini-Fish & Reef Report & Tog Trips Announced It's Showtime!! Reef Dinner!

Postby EC NEWELLMAN » Sun May 06, 2018 2:25 pm

The latest from Captain Monty Hawkins, owner and operator of the fv MORNING STAR out of OCEAN CITY, MD.

Fish (& Reef) Reef Report 5/6/18

Mini-Fish Report & Tog Trips Announced - It's Showtime!! - Reef Dinner!

Our Saturday tog trip saw two fellows close to a limit: While Dean had his skates on and rolled all around the rail, Wayne stayed put, sitting and caught as well. Others, however, did not! Oh, it's toggin alright.. Skunks are part & parcel.

Announcing 4 tog trips:

Thursday 5/10/18 - Friday the 11th - Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th..Last 4 tog trips, we'll kick around inshore - 7am to 3pm - 12 Anglers sells out - $110.00...Bait's provided - Green Crab & Shrimp.

Now the real news..

A Dean Lo masterpiece up for Auction! Tried to load others' works too but mailchimp was having none of it.. Niki Pino & George Kalwa.. Nice!)

Reef Supporters!It begins this afternoon - Seacrets from 4 to 8 - May 6th!

Tix $25 at the door - Children Welcome and $10 off (all you need do is convince Larry Jock of Coastal Fisherman you're a child!) Checks & cash preferred - Credit cards doable with an online donation to our website (but a pain in the neck in the hustle & bustle of the dinner..)

Tonights auctions & raffles reflect our generous marine community. The list is long & goods wonderful.

Among so much we'll be auctioning, one item that's not going to be present is a Silverboy .22LR Lever Action Rifle donated by Benelli USA - Look it up and bid against me! (..after this winter, not so hard.)
Have posted numerous pics of SOME of our items on FaceBook. Tonight's art alone awesome; we also have lots of fishing/outdoor gear. We even have Craig Dengler's offer to custom manufacture a neon sign with your name!

Posted a few videos of Nick Caloyianis's 4/22/18 dives at the Bass Grounds. One dive on a late 1970s deployment shows our finished product--what we want to achieve. These temperate reefs we're building with raw substrate will look like pristine Caribbean reef in time..

Coral growth on a 1970s artificial reef deployment..

Did a block trip Friday 5/4/18

- Volunteers Ron, Racheal, Bob, Zig, Frank, Courtney, and new mate Dave made it possible to take about 5 tons of concrete & 1.5 tons of steel out to Kurt Hofschild's Memorial Reef aboard the Morning Star. I'll guarantee all slept well, even after the advil wore off!

Ron & Dave drop a 3 landscaping block unit. At 270lbs total weight, it'll stay put just fine!

Major projects loom -- 5,000 tons of boulder to 80 feet of water at the Bass Grounds & helped into being by The Nature Conservancy, & US Wind, (plus saving OCRF donations for 18 months!) This project is completely funded & awaiting US Wind's final decision on who will be awarded the job.

Since they're funding the entirety of all transport (while TNC & OCRF fund 5,000 tons of boulder!) they can have all the say they want.

We also have a 60 foot barge loaded with concrete coming that will be sunk at Capt. Bob Gowar's Memorial Reef, & the beginning negotiations of perhaps a 50 foot barge that will likely be sunk at Russell's Reef.

There's just no question about it. We are making Maryland's marine habitat better. Making fishing and diving better too! Whether online, a mail-in, or tonight at the dinner -- Your donations are what make it all happen!


Growing Coral Reef Off Maryland?

Heck Yeah We Are! It's Showtime!! Reef Dinner! Reef Supporters!


It begins this afternoon - Seacrets from 4 to 8 - May 6th!


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