Ward Melville Show -- Thank you

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Ward Melville Show -- Thank you

Postby missinglink08 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:04 pm

I would like to thank everyone that participated in yesterdays Ward Melville HS Fishing Expo and Fundraiser.  The show every years is an awesome one to put on and an experience and a half for the kids to participate in.  From the vendors to all the guests that visited us....we would like to thank you for supporting us.

Specifically Steve aka EC...thank you for all the behind the scenes type of things you have done to help the club out. From connecting us with potential vendors to soliciting raffles for the show for us to drawing a large amount of guys to the show....your work and efforts are most defiantly appreciated.

Cool aspect to this show is how most EVERYONE pulls some weight in some way to make the show what it is. We couldn't have 90+ raffles at the show (and yes, I was turning them away only to be told to give them to the kids in the club) without the generosity of the fishing community. It truly is seen at its finest at this event!!

Something of note.  For the past several years, we have tried to promote an angle to our show....the FREE TACKLE GIVEAWAY to visitors (not club kids) that are what we consider "youth" anglers (5 to 20 years old).  The participating "youth" anglers participate in a scavenger hunt of sitting in on seminars to visiting either hands on workshop areas or education/conservation minded vendors that are spread throughout the show.   The past 2 years, we are left over with a good amount of tackle and what not.  I usually go and donate some to other causes around Long Island and I also raffle some off to the kids of the Ward Melville Fishing Club.  This year we were nearly WIPED out.  That's close to 2000 shirts, jigs, rigs, lures and miscellaneous other stuff combined....probably well over 2000 but you get the picture.  We are (and I know many people at the show have told me the same) seeing more and more kids coming to the show and we are now seeing greater participation.  This is a credit to all that have made the show what it has become.  It is something awesome to say the least, the best of the fishing community.

I also wanted to let you know that I posted the raffle winners on our website www.wardmelvillefishingclub.com/2018expo as well as the clubs instagram account @patriotsfishing.  Calls will be made later on today for those that were not able to stay for the drawing.

If anyone would like to share pics from the event, please do so here or email me wmhsfishingclub@gmail.com as I like to chronicle the day!!

Thank you

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Re: Ward Melville Show -- Thank you

Postby EC NEWELLMAN » Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:10 pm


Many thanks for the kinds words. At this point in life, paying it forward, and hopefully others will follow the lead in supporting your continued effort with Patriots and the young people who join the club and as much, the future of fishing here on Long Island.

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