AUG 8, 2017 - NYS WIND POWER FRAUD MEETINGS: NYS Offshore Wind Open Houses in New York City

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AUG 8, 2017 - NYS WIND POWER FRAUD MEETINGS: NYS Offshore Wind Open Houses in New York City

Postby EC NEWELLMAN » Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:09 pm

Many know how I personally feel about the WIND ENERGY scam that is in the process of being ram-rodded down the throats of the people in the once Empire State. Let me start with this quote:

“Destroying one environment in the name of trying to protect another environment makes no sense at all.”

Bonnie Brady, Executive Director of the Long Island Commercial Fishing Association


Note from Kim Knoll on the initial release:


There are 2 sets of meetings next week.

M-W there are public meetings around the city aimed at providing general information on the Master Plan. These will have a similar format to the meeting on LI that were held in July.

On Wednesday and Thursday there are open house meetings in Shinnecock on Montauk aimed at outreach to the fishing community in particular. These have a longer time period and are meant to allow people to come and go as their schedule permits.


Thanks to Bore Head over at FISHERY NATION as the public around the country is pushing back against wind energy projects.....

The rural resistance to the land-devouring, subsidy-fueled sprawl of Big Wind doesn’t fit the narrative – endlessly repeated by the Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, Greenpeace and their myriad allies in the liberal media — that wind energy is “green.” Nevertheless, the numbers tell the tale. Since 2015, about 170 government entities from Maine to California have moved to reject or restrict wind projects; this year, 46 government entities have rejected or placed restrictions on Big Wind.

American Backlash Against Big Wind: States Cut Subsidies & Ban New Wind Power Projects August 8, 2017

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