Aug 25, 2020 - Captain Monty: The Ocean City Reef Foundation needs your help!

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Aug 25, 2020 - Captain Monty: The Ocean City Reef Foundation needs your help!

Postby EC NEWELL MAN » Tue Aug 25, 2020 10:21 pm

Owing all things Covid related, donations are down - yet we have unprecedented opportunities!


We have secured an 85 foot tug for deployment at the Bass Grounds in September with funding on hand. However, there are at least two more tugs and a 140’ barge also ready for reefing! If funding becomes available, we’ll deploy them all this fall.

We also have a new program where reef pyramid molds are lent to large cement companies to fill with waste/washout/lost product. With only enough molds for two companies and soon a third, we’ve already sited almost 220 pyramids at various reef sites. There’s no end in sight for this program.

Every manner of cement manufacturer has lost/waste product daily. Once past the nearly $500.00 cost per mold; companies willing to fill our molds with free cement will be responsible for a huge increase in our region’s reef footprint at comparatively little cost. At 170 pounds they're two-man boat deployable. We can build reef from any ocean going boat - even an outboard.

Considering how awful reef fishing was in August 40 years ago was, (& I’d have cheerfully torn the whole month out of the calendar in those days,) there can be no doubt we've seen wonderful improvement in our reef fisheries. Given a sharpening of regulation to maximize spawning potential, and ever more robust reef building efforts, I see no reason why reef fishing cannot only be restored, but made better than ever before!

Ever! Yes, it’s that powerful. As awful as 2020’s been, You can help make it an incredible year for reef construction off Maryland’s coast. Put a shoulder into it! Please donate!

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