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Thanks to Bonnie for alerting of the upcoming 'OFFSHORE WIND - SCAM' meetings coming up.


As noted in the SAG HARBOR EXPRESS .COM (online):

The federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) will hold two “fisheries outreach meetings,” one on:

- Wednesday, July 11 @ the Montauk Community Playhouse at 240 Edgemere Street from 4 to 8 p.m., with presentations planned from 5 to 6 p.m. and “poster stations and information exchange” from 6 to 8 p.m.;

A second meeting on:

- Thursday, July 12 @ the Shinnecock Commercial Fishing Dock at 333 Dune road in Hamptons Bays, also from 4 to 8 p.m. with the same schedule

On a side note...


I was at the beach then maritime museum at Pt. Gratiot in Dunkirk NY last week and the curator of the museum came outside to talk to us, then pointed over to Port Dover on the Canadian Side of Lake Erie since the visibility was so clear on this day.

He was older fellow, now retired and volunteering at the museum as well as being a lifelong resident of Dunkirk and mentioned how the Lake Erie has come a long way back from the "bad old days" between 1950's through the late 1970's.

The water color now at the beach was similar to what one would see along the beaches from North Carolina and points further south, and for me it was a shock to see the water so pleasantly clear off this area.

As I mentioned about the curator pointing out Port Dover, for some reason he just mentioned the wind turbines to be built for the Icebreaker Wind project - which would be the first on the Great Lakes. "Oh boy," did he open up a can of worms with me about this!

It started me on a conversation of 'why,' and he then suddenly pointed over to just a few thousand feet away to the east of the now mothballed Dunkirk steam power plant, once one of the noted industries on the lake and within this part of New York State.

He then mentioned it has been sitting quietly there since it was shutdown a few years back as our progressive 'brain-fart' loving governor had pushed the NY ISO to transition the plant (in fact all) to convert from coal to natural gas, and this project has been ongoing for the last few years and the plant still remains idle with no end in sight to when the conversion and powering up would be completed.

We went back to talking about the conditions on and around Lake Erie and how during the winter temps are noted to drop as low to NEGATIVE 35 below when the common arctic clippers come blasting through. Again I had to bring up the wind turbine project on the Canadian side of Lake Erie, and though this has no connection to what is going on the US - Dunkirk side of NYS, I said this is crazy to depend on wind turbines to not only properly function, but to be relied upon when electrical energy is needed during the winter!

He couldn't understand it either, and unlike myself, he was not taking a political stance on whether or not it made sense to create the first wind farm on the lake....he just wondered why anyone would do anything on Lake Erie after all the ecological problems created in the past due to this industrialization of their primary body of water for the residents in this area.

I wondered too, this after I thanked him for giving me a 'free' history lesson about the Lake area and thought to myself, "haven't we learned anything from the mistakes in the past" as I again went back over to the beach.

I do hope that those who have a stake in the fishing industry in NYS realize, what is at stake if the green-energy scam continues with wind farms being erected right off our shores. Show up...speak up, and protect the waters from this industrialization off our New York and New Jersey shores.

Anyhow a link to the article for further info:

SAG HARBOR EXPRESS .COM (7.4.18) - Wind Farm Lease Public Meetings Planned by Peter Boody

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