APRIL 11, 2018 - SHEEPSHEAD BAY DOCKS: Cymbrowitz Asks For The “Floating Orgy” To Be Investigated on 'party' boats

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Re: APRIL 11, 2018 - SHEEPSHEAD BAY DOCKS: Cymbrowitz Asks For The “Floating Orgy” To Be Investigated on 'party' boats

Postby EC NEWELLMAN » Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:00 am

After the ultra-progressive 'Chiefo' at City Hall did a contorted 180 about the booze-cruise fleet prior to the last election, you should of had a sense that their exit visas were being prepared for their removal. To wit...

Yesterday Assemblymember Steven Cymbrowitz announced that three of Sheepshead Bay’s party boats will vacate the Emmons Avenue piers by May 1st, while the remaining vessels will be gone in September. Today, Councilmember Chaim Deutsch said that these party boats would be moving to Mill Basin for the summer and ultimately the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park.

BKLYNER: (4.25.18) Notorious Party Boats To Be Relocated Off Sheepshead Bay Piers

Now you have a few moving to somewhere in Mill Basin, and I could only imagine it would be in the vicinity of the old Hunter Fish Packing dock...but maybe not due to a lack of parking and this may be the big issue at this location, a large, close-by parking area. At this particular location it is a much longer steam (both in distance and time) through J-Bay and under the Marine Pkwy. Bridge and then up to the Statue in the Upper Harbor, in contrast from coming out of Sheepshead Bay.

The B.A.T. location is well known as a very convenient location due to:

- Easy and quick access to a major highway and multi-lane street roadway

- Extremely large parking area..and free too

- Long and recently built concrete docks

- Secure areas once you gain access to the B.A.T.

- Very short steam to the Statute and other scenic locations in both the North and East Rivers

More interesting is the B.A.T. being a location for multiple law enforcement agencies (I spent years there), and this should greatly lessen/eliminate the party-shenanigans with the discarded blue and red drink cups, torn plastic ice bags and bottles of Hennessy, Colt 45 and various bum wines - from being strewn over the area which was one of the most noted complaints by residents in Sheepshead Bay.

As many from the Bay knew and had to deal with over the past years, this was a pretty disgraceful event that would occur on a all too regular basis, with both businesses and the people within the community having to deal with the aftermath especially when the first hints of warm weather came around during the spring.

Also, and as both news stories as well as those from the Bay have said over the years, "they were told to provide their own personal security before and after their vessels would pull out and then return." A broad brush should not be painted with all the dinner/cruise/social function events that were normally conducted upon these vessels, and I cringe when I read and hear some of the comments. In fact there is a very long list of comments that can be found and read upon VARIOUS socialized media websites over the years, and somehow it always seems to circle around and come back to the "usual suspects" and I will leave it at that.

I highly doubt this will disrupt the economic livelihood of these vessels once this occurs. People in the Big Apple will always find ways to travel to and from various entertainment events/locations if need be.

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Re: APRIL 11, 2018 - SHEEPSHEAD BAY DOCKS: Cymbrowitz Asks For The “Floating Orgy” To Be Investigated on 'party' boats

Postby EC NEWELLMAN » Thu Apr 26, 2018 5:31 pm

In the "can't make this @#%@#%! up news file," it now is apparent that no one from NY City Hall notified the community board or residents on the move from the Bay to Mill Basin for the dinner/cruise boats or the short time frame that it was going to be done! From the latest story today and the best lines yet (I should add and something that I originally wrote about just this morning):

An elected official leading the charge on the relocation of the “party boats” from Sheepshead Bay to Mill Basin and in their in their own statement attested to the improper conditions within the Sheepshead Bay area are the motivation for the relocation. The lack of parking, the lack of restroom facilities and crowd control were all specifically named as benchmarks for the need to remove the party boats from Sheepshead Bay.

The Mill Basin area certainly is not equipped with any of the aforementioned requirements and as such it is baffling why the boats would be moved to an area that is less equipped than the area of their current location.

BKLYNER: (4.26.18) “Party Boats” Coming To Mill Basin Next Week – This Is ALL The Notice We Get? – OPINION

More interesting is the news about the other location at the B.A.T. where you would think that someone in the Mayors office would of coordinated with E.D.C. (New York City Economic Development Corporation) and other associated city agencies weren't in the loop as far as what we are finding out today:

The Mayor’s office intends to relocate the boats after a years’ time to the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park, however with the constant long term construction at the Brooklyn Army Terminal, the feasibility and realistic relocation of the boats may not be within a year’s time, and the actual time frame may be much longer.

Now just think....a few conference-style phone calls along with the city scouting out the feasibility of these locations and then meetings with local politicos, the community board and those vessels that are being forced to locate...right?

Folks, in the big scheme of issues within city government, this is what would be termed "an easy" to pull off without a hitch for what essentially is a re-location to another shoreline docking area. Vegas odds now point to this being a sure thing that there will be push back by the local community...and I would not blame the people or the businesses who had no idea this was coming to their neck of the woods in the County of the Kings. Another reminder to how a ideologically socialist Mayor has been running this city for the last few years..........

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Re: APRIL 11, 2018 - SHEEPSHEAD BAY DOCKS: Cymbrowitz Asks For The “Floating Orgy” To Be Investigated on 'party' boats

Postby EC NEWELLMAN » Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:14 pm

The blow-back has started...

Councilmember Alan Maisel (D-46), who represents Mill Basin, said he received a “very vague” email from the Mayor’s Office on Tuesday night, which stated that some boats would remain in Sheepshead Bay this summer, while three would be moving to Mill Basin—without specifying where.

"Some boats?"

Even better....and this is the location I have mentioned that runs along the seawall off Flatbush Ave from Nick's running up to the north.....

A few possible locations have been in the air supply for the move, but no confirmation has come from either the Mayor’s Office or the NYC Parks Department. Some think the boats will be placed along Flatbush Avenue just north of Nick’s Lobster House, while others have heard they’ll moor along the Kings Plaza parking lots. Further down, by the Toys ‘R’ Us, is the Sea Traveler’s Marina, which some think is a possibility.

BKLYNER: (4.16.18) Party Crashers! Mill Basin Residents Concerned About Party Boats By Paul Stremple - April 26, 2018

Finally to now finding this out....and does anyone remember seeing this before?

The move of three boats to Mill Basin is only temporary, said Parks, while repairs are made to the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Those three, along with the four remaining in Sheepshead Bay, will end up in Sunset Park in September, at the end of the season.

Did someone say another "clown car circus" being run out of NY City Hall?
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