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JAN 6, 2018 - YANKEE CAPTS: NEW TRIP! Tortugas Drifting and Dreaming

PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 1:23 pm
Introducing Tortugas Drifting and Dreaming

Always improving where and how we fish, Yankee Capts is excited to introduce an all-new trip. Focusing on the rich waters of the world famous Dry Tortugas, Drifting & Dreaming will consist of both bait and jig fishing while drifting over the area’s fertile reefs rather than anchoring. Target species will remain prized mutton and yellowtail snapper, various grouper and king mackerel. Drifting rather than anchoring will allow the captain to fish areas previously off limits.


Drifting & Dreaming trips are strictly limited to 22 anglers at only $550 p/p+tax. Expect to fish areas of the Gulf of Mexico where anglers are permitted to harvest grouper, except gag grouper, which must be released. Expect average depths in the 100+ ft. range with near vertical presentations. The successful techniques we’ve been employing out at Halfway Ledge will be used during these exciting trips as well.


The first Drifting & Dreaming trip on our schedule is set for February 16 but it will fill quickly so book soon!