Your Favorite Fish?

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Re: Your Favorite Fish?

Postby amanda151 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:10 pm

BingoRB wrote:1. Tog: You have to be on your game with the rod as well as with anchoring the boat. Miss your spot by ten feet and your wasting your time. By far the most challenging of the inshore species. Not my favorite to eat but the hunt outweighs the food value.

2. Tuna: Pound for pound one of the best fish to battle with and a great one to eat.

3. Fluke: Love eating these things off the grill.

4. Seabass: Not having them around last year made me realize how much I miss fishing for them.

5. Ling: The fight is non existant but better eating than cod.

6. Cod: Good eating and put up a solid fight

I like it :lol:
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