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Long Distance Shore Casting!

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:45 pm
by Scuba Chris
Use Shimano's Ultegra & Breakaway Canons For Casting Farther!

Through research & practicing at the park i found the Shimano Ultegra Spinners are the best spinners on the market for casting long distances. Light weight & built tough. Combine these spinners with Breakaway Canons (side-mounted) and casting 100yd becomes a reality. Seems European anglers fishing for Carp have figured this out years ago.

On my Ultegra 5500 CI4 i use a 13'3" custom IRW. My 10K i use a 13'3" Daiwa Ballistic. Lastly the 14K "Matt Black" i paired it with a 16'6" Fenwick Seahawk. I target Trevally, Bonefish & Ladyfish when i shore cast. Sometimes i catch Sharks & Rays though i release them. If i don't eat it, i don't keep it.

When casting heavy baits using braid i wrap the line twice around the Canon. Using light plugs i wrap the braid only once. The biggest fish i caught using the Ultegras are large Rays & medium Sharks so far with no problems. I hope my shared insight into my casting rigs will help others wanting to cast farther.