Tricky Fishies All Day Long!

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Tricky Fishies All Day Long!

Postby Scuba Chris » Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:58 pm

Tricky Fishies All Day Long (Just a fun day out)!

Today i had to go renew my pass for the Marine Base at Kaneohe Bay in Hawaii so i brought some fishing gear if i was able to throw a few lines out. I had lost my voice earlier in the week bowling in a freezing alley but decided to push it. Gear used for today-

13'3" Daiwa Ballistic w/a Abu Garcia Blue Yonder 7K w/50lb braid.
11' Lamiglas Insane Surf w/a Shimana Spheros 6K w/50lb braid.

When fishing this area you have to be aware of wind & surf conditions as it's only open for fishing maybe 80% of the year. Current is extremely bad here, running from the right to the left at extreme speed. You don't want your lead to hit the reef top as it's thickly covered with coral heads. To save on lead i place & look where to cast by targeting sand pockets. The currents are so strong here that if i throw a 5oz bank on the right of a sand pocket in 30min it can move 50ft to the left against the wind direction. Takes a few trips to understand the areas you fish.

Also the fish run close to shore here. I had 5 hits inside 50yds & none outside. This happens on almost every trip here. So i use my bigger rig inside because it'll be busy all day long. Everywhere you fish conditions will be different. All good anglers must learn the spots they frequent, like hunters do.

This day i think i had 6 light bell ringers. Some were small bait stealing fish. Others were definitely eels grabbing the squid baits & running back to their holes with it. Problem with the eels is i have to wait until they come out to reel them in. Sometimes when i try to force them out they often drag the lead onto the reef where it gets hung-up.

By 3pm i had a +100 fever & needed to go. But decided to make my last bait change before leaving as 2 families parked off my right & the area was getting crowded. So i brought in my inside Ballistic & Blue Yonder rig & re-baited before re-casting. Just when i started to bring in my other rig the Blue Yonder started to scream. Took me 10-sec to run back & place my other rig back into the sand spike & grab the screaming rig. By this time the families were running with their cell phones pointed.

But alas i wasn't able to keep constant pressure on that line & when the fish turned, i couldn't keep enough pressure on & the fish spit the hook. When you use barbless hooks it's essential to keep the pressure on. Felt like a sizable fish to. Wasn't my best day out but saw some action & i learned more on every trip. My temp hit 101.1 that evening but the next day i felt almost normal. Hopefully my next trip will create better memories.
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